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                                                                           i-Give Hope Award

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Thanks for submitting!

Project i-Give Hope is an innovative initiative school-linked, nonprofit organization program that focuses on celebrating scholars who are dedicated to wellness, social change, or improving our environment by using the Design Process. The concepts of science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) encourages youth to jump into fitness with a rope, plant, grow, produce and cook with STEM. This program increases the odds of each scholar contributing to the workforce and making a difference in our community by being innovative and healthy. We celebrate scholars by providing  training, supplies, and equipment to practice leadership, gardening, aquaponics, and innovation with creativity. Inspire. Empower. Give Hope!


  • January 2022 – The application opens on-site.

  • March 2022 – The completed application is due. This includes general questions and all required supporting documents.

  • April 2022 – May 2022  The awards committee reviews applications.

  • May 2022  Qualified students/schools are notified.


  • Age 18 and under

  • Attend a public or private sector

  • Permission to take pictures and post to create public awareness

  • Ability to display, and share exhibit as a capstone that reflects a project used to develop or design with the concept of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and wellness to improve the community.

How-To apply!

  • Complete the form below.

  • Send a message with contact person to verify your site.

  • Provide a brief summary of your interest and how funding will support and celebrate scholars provide  training, supplies, and equipment to practice leadership, gardening, aquaponics, and or innovation through STEM.

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